Historic placard on your tour of Cyberspace.

It was 1996 when like so many I crept on-line and immediately wanted to do more than browse the growing number of personal home pages. I needed to join in and learn how, and with that Angus B's Home Page was born. I searched for my most interesting asset and at the time it was my chihuahua, Angus. I became somewhat of an addict with each new thing I discovered. With marathon web design weekends (I couldn't stop for surely everyone was visiting my site) constantly tweaking and changing, I found myself with new skills and interests.

Thank you World Wide Web for the free education!

Ten years later much has happened, Angus is grumpier for one thing. Well he will be 12 this year (2006) so I suppose it will happen, he has to keep up with grumpy old hubby! Angus is still an adorable character and I will always keep this spot for him.

You're more than welcome to visit me topside at www.madebymichelle.com

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