An update, for real?

It is true. As I blow through interests there are often long stagnant periods here on the ‘ol home page. Recently much of my attention has been on Facebook, mindlessly clicking for Farm and Frontier. Lately though I’ve been feeling a bit brain dead, too much senseless clicking me thinks.

Finally taking the time I have updated my old fonts. People were having trouble embeding to PDF, and hooray they should work fine now. What little task shall I tackle next?

mcfontsy – freeware true type fonts

Where’d It Go?

September got away from me. I started my freebie the first week and then finally gave in to the siren song from The Sims 3. I had it on my system but wasn’t ready to give up the time to really check it out, I’m a real junkie since Sims 1.

So anywho the month passes and I’m throwing my tiny kit together. I even painted my own interpretation of the Simmy plumbob thingy, so now you can be a Sim in the crowd and easy to find. Go Sim youselves! :)



Freebie Time!

I finished my Color Challenge kit and I’m really happy with all the pieces. If you would like it’s available………. here.

CC Preview

Kit includes 6 – 8″x8″ papers and 9 elements.

Peeping Scrappers

DSO August Color Challenge wrapping up…

scrappyness to come...

First Freebie

Finally got it together, a small kit for the color challenge at Digi Scrap Obsession. I’ve not done a kit before and found myself worrying about each piece being used. I coundn’t decide, do I design for the page or the overall kit appearance. I’m still not sure how I’ll dive in next time, hmm…

Well, it’s a small kit designed for an 8″ page and you can grab it HERE.



Old News

Just an FYI: Free fonts still available… mcfontsy.

Free Artsy Fartsy web classic graphics, from the 90′s!

Pretty, cool, freebie.

Visit Stampington & Company for classy freebies!

This lace is awesome.

I did a Googly search for more… here’s one.


Yes, starting again. I want to play in the digiscrap community so I need to get this off the ground. I’m just starting and really, I like this free theme as it is.

I am putting together the first freebie for the Color Challenge at DSO. Working on the terms of use, a blinkie, and where to host it. DSO is a popular site so I don’t know if that will result in heavy download of my kit, so I’m leary to host it myself.

Who the heck am I? Working on that too…