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This is on old no longer updated bunch of web graphics, backgrounds mostly. I'm not sure anyone still needs them but for now they'll be here.

Please Read:

These graphics are available for use on personal or nonprofit pages in exchange for a link back to my site. Please link to or

If you are a commercial site a licensing fee is required. These graphics can not be resold, redistributed, or offered in anyway without my permission. I retain all rights.

Do not link to my server. Images are in a password protected directory to deter those that would. The User Name is Visitor and the Password is Groovy.

Thank you for observing these guidelines, I do hope you enjoy

Each presentation opens a new browser window and uses frames for navigation.

Graphic Sets
A graphic set from Artsy Fartsy probably isn't as elaborate as those found at most sites. Around here a set could mean that table corners or a blank button (sometimes both) are included. You will find both border and tile backgrounds here.

Just Tiles
Mild to wild, over 250.

Classic Borders
Retiring at 114 (trashed a few) these are backgrounds only.

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